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Post Cards / Sales Cards
Full Color - Two Sided - UV Coated or Matte (or Both) on 16 Point Card Stock
Shipping Included on all Card Orders
4 over 4 or 4 over 1 or 4 over 0
Same Low Prices


Post Cards from Lights On are offered with the highest quality with up to 4-color and UV coating (Glossy or Matte) on each side at the same price. All of our post cards are printed on 16pt premium card stock and cut with ultimate precision. At Lights On we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced technologies in the industry, so our clients will always be impressed with the vibrant, accurate color and the lasting impression their post cards will leave.

Creating Your Own Design
Add 1/16" trim all the way around
Card Size: 3 x 5 is Designed 3.125 x 5.125 for Bleed
Color Mode: CMYK - Resolution: 300 dpi
Photoshop ".psd" or Acrobat ".pdf" file format

If You Do Not Understand the Above We Will Design Your Post Card

Less Than or Equal to 36sq inches

Greater Than 36sq inches
4over4 C2S 16 Point Heavy Stock

1000 3 x 4 Cards
5000 3 x 4 Cards
1000 4 x 4 Cards
5000 4 x 4 Cards
1000 4 x 6 Cards (SUPER BUY)
5000 4 x 6 Cards
1000 4.25 x 5.5 Cards
5000 4.25 x 5.5 Cards
1000 4.25 x 6 Cards
5000 4.25 x 6 Cards
1000 4 x 9 Cards
5000 4 x 9 Cards
1000 5 x 7 Cards
5000 5 x 7 Cards

Email Artwork To:

Use The Same Email Address As You Use To Purchase You Cards.

We Take Orders Over The Phone Too

When Price is More Important Than Image
Call for More Economical Pricing on 14 Point Card Stock.
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What are Bleeds, and Do I Need Them?

Bleed is the term for printing that goes right to the edge of the paper. The way to do this is to make your document .125" too big in both dimensions. For instance, if the final size is 2" x 3.5" then make your document 2.125" x 3.625". Draw guides on the layout that are .0625" from the edge all the way around. Now create your design with the idea that the layout will be cut off where those guides are....because that is precisely what is going to happen. Make sure that any photographs or backgrounds that you want to bleed go clear out to the perimeter of the document, past the guidelines. Then after we have printed your piece we will trim off that extra .0625" all the way around and voila! You have color all the way to the edges of your piece. It looks professional....

Will My Printed Piece Look Exactly Like It Does On My Computer Monitor?

There are some small differences. Scanners and digital cameras create images using combinations of just three colors: Red, Green and Blue (called "RGB"). These are the colors that computers use to display images on your screen. But printing presses print full color pictures using a different set of colors: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black (called "CMYK"). So at some stage your RGB file must be translated to CMYK in order to print it on a printing press. This is easily done using an image editing program like PhotoShop, PhotoDeluxe, or Corel PhotoPaint.

Caution: It's Best If You do the RGB-to-CMYK Conversion of Your Images!

You will have more control over the appearance of your printed piece if you convert all of the images from RGB to CMYK before sending them to us. When we receive RGB images, we do a standard-value conversion to CMYK, which may not be perfectly to your liking. We want you to be happy, so please, take the time to prepare your file properly. We cannot be responsible for sub-par results if you furnish low-res images or RGB images.

Be aware that it is possible to make colors in RGB that you can't make with CMYK. They are said to be "out of the CMYK color gamut". What happens is that the translator just gets as close as possible to the appearance of the original and that's as good as it can be. It's something that everyone in the industry puts up with. So it's best to select any colors you use for fonts or other design elements in your layout using CMYK definitions instead of RGB.

Testimonials    Send Us Your Testimonial and We Will Display Your Card
I originally took my card design to a local print shop and paid top dollar and the result was a card I would have been embarrassed to hand to a potential customer. I then found LightsOn Advertising through a search engine; they were offering cards at a really inexpensive price. Considering the price, I admit at first my expectations weren't high, but the LightsOn people took the time to look at my card design and offer some insight on how to best optimize the design to look the best for printing. After following their suggestions the end result was a beautiful business card that I am proud to hand to any potential client. LightsOn really is as good as it gets in the printing business and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional quality business card!!

Thanks LightsOn Advertising,

    Fred Farris
    Critical ID - Coupeville, Washington

. . . and they said it couldn't be done.

Wow! They are fantastic. I love them! All the coffee in all the world couldn't express my joy.

Have already given your website address to a regular customer who was very impressed, and my father may be getting in touch (and believe me, for him to be so impressed is amazing -- I've been trying all my life).

Coffee's on whenever you are,

    The Soda Shop - New York, New York

For years I used another "bargain" printer for my business cards. Their product was affordable but also forgettable! Since switching to LightsOn Advertising, I've received several comments on the superior quality of my cards. LightsOn has helped me secure a more professional presentation for my business and services.

Thanks LightsOn!

    Angela Lomme, Owner/Operator - EBay Trading Assistant
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